Wypożyczalnia sprzętuIt is here in Jurata, where one of the most interesting investments for cyclists in Poland was made, the Hel – Władysławowo bike path. Running along the coast line of the Bay of Puck, amongst a very picturesque landscape. Its primary purpose is to encourage tourists to spent their free time in an active way. On that note, we would also like to encourage you to take advantage of our rental place, where you can rent bikes and even go-karts It’s a perfect way to both have fun and relax.
Wypożyczalnia sprzętu
Your bike rides here will be safe and idyllic, because Jurata is a quiet holiday resort. Our offer is meant both for adults and children. Whoever visits our rental place never regrets it. We offer regular bikes, mountain bikes, small vehicles for children over the age of 3, bigger ones for adolescents and adults and even vehicles for up to 4 people. All the time we try to make sure that we have all the newest equipment offered by the market. We strongly encourage you to spend your time actively.